Matt Bevin's Dam

October 16, 2015

FRANKFORT, KY – Matt Bevin has continually refused to release his tax returns, breaking Kentucky’s long and bipartisan tradition of disclosure by gubernatorial nominees. Recently, Bevin has dismissed calls to release his taxes by claiming he has released all of the information he is required to.

In response, today the Kentucky Democratic Party is updating its website,, with new information about a company that Bevin is still failing to disclose: The Pocotopaug Water Power Company. Through his ownership of the company, Bevin controls the Lake Pocotopaug Dam, and here’s why Bevin is trying to cover it up:

Bevin faced an October 15th deadline to register the Dam with Connecticut or face additional penalties.

“This new revelation underscores why Matt Bevin’s refusal to release his tax returns – in defiance of our state’s long and bipartisan tradition – is so troubling to so many Kentuckians,” said Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman Patrick Hughes. “The scandals surrounding Bevin’s ownership of this company are bad enough – but what makes it even worse is that Bevin has been caught red-handed, lying about his failure to disclose more of his financial interests, just like he lies about everything else. It is past time for Bevin to release his tax returns so Kentuckians can see for themselves what Bevin is hiding. And it’s all just more proof that an ‘East Coast Con Man’ like Bevin can’t be trusted to serve as our governor.”

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