Letter to the Editor by Kathy Mason

August 26, 2016

As a mother and active member of this community I was disappointed when I learned that yet again the expansion of Mount Eden Road will be delayed. Now it will be 2019 before work even begins! This is not what the people of Shelbyville were promised nor is it what we should accept from our political leadership in Frankfort.

I live in the Weissinger subdivision and use Mount Eden Road on a daily basis. While I may live on the south side of I-64 the congestion on Highway 53 is still very much felt on our end. When I leave my home I have to turn left onto Mount Eden Road to either get to town or go to the interstate. The traffic is way too dangerous at many times throughout the day to safely make this turn. Expanding Mount Eden Road from the interstate to US 60 will help alleviate the danger my family and I face living off of this main road. But now we will have to wait again for this problem to be solved and it’s all because of a lack of leadership and broken promises from those that represent us.

Brad Montell and Paul Hornback have not led on this issue and they have not properly represented the people of Shelbyville in Frankfort. We elect these people to fight for our interests in Frankfort and they have failed us significantly. When this delay was announced no one except our Magistrate Tony Carriss had any comment. He was the only elected official that sought out answers. No word from our State Representative, nor our State Senator, nor even our County Judge/Executive who hopes to be our next State Representative.

The state of Mount Eden Road in my area is dangerous and it will continue to endanger the lives of my kids and my neighbors if something is not done soon. I have spoke at length with Cyndi Powell Skellie about this issue and she is committed to making this a top priority when she is elected State Representative. We need leaders who will actually lead and who care about the safety of their constituents. No one who lives off of or travels Mount Eden Road on a regular basis should support a candidate for State Representative like our County Judge/Executive who has not fought for the safety of our families. It’s time for new leadership in Frankfort. Cyndi Powell Skellie is a mother, just like me, who understands that the safety of our children is paramount and I know she will lose her voice before she lets the legislature delay this road project any longer. We’ve seen the mettle of our current “leaders” and they are unworthy of our support. Let’s elect Cyndi Powell Skellie for State Representative this November so we can have a leader who keeps her commitments and who fights for us.

Kathy Mason

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