Bevin's Hamburger

January 27, 2018

Am I the only one who remembers the Governor’s tough talk about how he was going to make hamburger out of the sacred cows? The sacred cows he was referring to is the estimated $13B in tax incentives given to business and other interests. Bevin is not talking about hamburger now he is talking about kicking Kentucky’s most vulnerable citizens off Medicaid. Governor Bevin would be well served by looking into the courage and political skills of another Republican Governor, Louie Nunn. Governor Nunn raised taxes to cover a budget short fall and he did that with a Democrat controlled congress.

The political gains from getting tough on certain issues like welfare, abortion and other legislation has (and will) cost the state millions of dollars in legal fees. In addition to the legal cost Bevin is proposing setting up a bureaucracy –read bigger government, to screen 1.4 million Kentucky citizens who currently receive Medicaid, to make sure they are really entitled. Then this bureaucracy will remain in place to administrate the process – read ongoing cost.

Stop the lunacy and leave Medicaid alone. Focus on creating revenue and stop throwing away our money on no win law suits.

It takes no courage to cut the budget or to eliminate budget items altogether. Seized the moment Governor Bevin and make Kentucky great again.

Ken Pratt Waddy, KY

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